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Creativity is contagious, pass it on - Albert Einstein

Avvakoumova_Learning New Skills During D

Learning New Skills During Downtime! 

Lidia Avvakoumova, Medical Student

University of Ottawa


From Shattered to Whole 

Dr. Janet Dollin, Physician 

Ottawa, Canada

Mock N95 Masks, Farhan.webp

Mock N95 Masks  

Farhan Mahmood & Catherine Gnyra, Medical Students

University of Ottawa

Custom Painted Outfits Look Book 

Andrew Samuel, Medical Student

Max Rady College of Medicine 


Spring On My Mind 

Hongru Ren, Medical Student

University of Manitoba 

"Spring is a time of changes: snow melting, flowers blooming, and students graduating. I made this as a gift to a friend who heading to a different city for residency. I am coping with the changes that have already happened due to the Covid-19 pandemic and preparing for the changes that will happen when I start residency."

Heroes in Stitches -Karena Ryan textiles
shelly Karena Ryan textiles.jpg
Geraldine CTC Karena Ryan.jpg

Heroes in Stitches

Karena Ryan, textile artist and teacher

Tuam, West Ireland

Karena is creating stitched portraits of nurses and doctors from hospitals nationwide, Italy, the UK, and America onto old uniforms and scrubs. It is her way of honouring the heroic work of health care workers during the corona virus pandemic.


What started with one textile portrait of a friend, a nurse in Mayo General Hospital has led to a growing collection of up to fifty images of nurses and doctors in their PPE that will be reproduced in textile form.


She has been fundraising for non-profit Heroes Aid (helping secure PPE for Frontline workers) and has been hand stitching embroidery hoops with a positive message.

 (With over 400 euro raised so far for Heroes Aid).

Support Karena's work at 



Leo Kadota, Medical Student

University of Ottawa 

"This piece is a paper cutout loosely based on scientific diagrams of the structure of SARS-CoV-2. It was made by cutting out roughly 2500-3000 pieces from a single sheet of black paper. The patterns were designed to create a cryptographic quality representing the international research community's effort to 'decipher' the behaviour of this novel virus, and treatments for COVID-19."

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