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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much - Helen Keller


During COVID-19 many of us are being confronted with a startling lack of control; in our schedules, workplace, environments, day-to-day activities and enjoyments. These feelings slowly creep up as confusion, grief, despair & loss. My experience during this challenging time has shown me that what we do have power over, is our voice and self-expression. I hope through this platform & online community, you feel empowered to share your own voice, are able to find solace & connection within a piece of art and  know in your heart that we are in this together.  

- Shabana, Medical Student, Founder & Website Design 

As medical professionals and students we are rigorously taught to hone a number of skills to succeed in our work, and yet, building the skill of self-expression falls on the shoulders of the individual. Being able to process emotionally-charged experiences is even more important in times like now to cope with the stressful, isolating situation. Whether it be through a poem you wrote in a 2-minute frenzy, or a piece you’ve built up little by little over quarantine, we hope that this initiative acts as an encouragement for you to create, to pour yourselves into your work, and to unite with our community.

- Rahul, Medical Student, Graphic Design 

In times of uncertainty and hardships we often have little physical or emotional energy to fully understand what we are going through. Some of us have tendencies to swallow our stress and carry on. However, art in all of its forms can be an incredibly therapeutic outlet to express our emotions and connect with people around us (from a distance). We hope that this community encourages others to create visual, musical, written or any form of art that will help us reflect and unify.

- Lidia, Medical Student, Marketing & Communications

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a strange amalgamation of emotions - a hazy grief at all of the things that could have been, a persistent gratitude for my health and the health of my loved ones, and a reluctant optimism for a united future. I have long grappled with these feelings, evolving as rapidly as the situation itself. However, writing and art have provided me an outlet to explore and understand these emotions so that I am better able to manage and maintain my well-being. As a member of the CTC team, it is my hope that we can empower and connect others through these artistic channels. 

- Nadin, Medical Student, Marketing & Communications

Art, to me, is a binding agent that brings us together using our ability to feel and express emotions. During this pandemic, some of us are lonelier, in fear, stressed, etc., so let’s resort to self-expression, story telling, visualizing, and creating to help understand and uplift one another. Creating through COVID-19 will not only help you share your voice/thoughts, but others will also have the chance to witness, celebrate and benefit from your pieces.

- Farhan, Medical Student, Marketing & Communications

National & Global CTC Representatives 

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Medicine, Ethics & Humanities Program, University of Ottawa 
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